Yosrick was a young gnome when he Divirastorix, an ancient gold dragon, while playing in the woods near his small village. Div was quite amused by the young gnome's antics in trying to befriend a bird and revealed himself. What followed was one of the most significant events of Yosrick's life: playing in nature with a dragon almost as old as history, trying to make friends with field mice. Div taught Yosrick ways of calling and befriending the wildlife, sensing that this gnome would be a great protector of the natural world later in life.

When Msimangu banished the 500, Yosrick was amongst them. He'd gotten in trouble for interfering in the Imperial Hunting Grounds.

When the group formed Wayland, Yosrick opened a place to train animals as guards, beasts of burden, and mounts. He used his talents as a druid of the god Erastil to call up various animals that would be useful, then trained those animals and made a sizable income.

Yosrick presented a combat trained dire ram to Ovrul to secure a spot in the expedition to contact the mongrelmen below the kingdom. He believed he needed to begin taking an active role for the good of the kingdom, to protect the growing community. After his return, Yosrick purchased Alvir's fledgling business and folded it into his own. He continued to provide mounts and farm animals for the kingdom before volunteering to map the route from Wayland to Thusfar.

Yosrick is currently on an expedition to Thusfar.

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Yosrick is played Joshua F.

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