Wintergate is a castle and small town located in hex HH70 in the Everwinter. It is owned and operated by Wayland's spymaster, Ovrul Griv. It houses an elite guard force of 50 men, a patrol force of 50 cavalrymen and cavalry archers, and a civilian population mostly composed of the families of the guardsmen. The guards of Wintergate are regarded as a branch of the Wolves. The patrols from Wintergate are intended to help locate new exiles through the Portal and help them back to Wayland, as well as to recover the bodies and belongings of any exiles who failed to escape the region.

History Edit

Work on the castle started on Desnus 30th, 2 KE. Once the materials for its construction were completed, the castle was built by Magnus Godrikson in two hours on Erastus 19th, 2 KE.

On Arodus 22nd, 2 KE, the armies of Wayland defeated the demons and goblins of Tolernt City and freed 5,000 slaves. The following day, these slaves were brought to Wintergate. The slaves were without winter clothes, and had already begun suffering from frostbite and hypothermia.

The head priest of the castle, Percival Brightgaze, had returned with Wayland's armies and saw to it that the slaves would survive the night. The castle only had room for 100 guests, and didn't have anywhere near enough spare clothes or blankets to keep all of the slaves alive through the night. In an hour-long ritual, Percival dedicated his life to protecting the innocent and hallowed the entirety of Wintergate. At the completion of his ritual, everyone in Wintergate was comfortable with the weather, except the rare few evildoers in the midst of the crowd.

Over the following weeks, the slaves moved to Wayland and Hardholm, traveling in small groups which were supplied with winter clothes and blankets to make the journey safely. A small portion of the slaves stayed in Wintergate, dedicating themselves to prayer and meditation.

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