Vladimars is the leader of Purple Dress and a powerful archmage. Conchiana's councilor warned us that he was "very good at abusing trust, as it were." He deals in human trafficking.


At some point in the past, Vladimars helped construct The Council Bridge which extended from The Council to Guard, a monumental feat of magic which established his reputation as the foremost archmage of the elven Sindoms.

After the party struck a deal with Conchiana, offering our loyalty and service in exchange for resources for kingdom building, Lyrith traveled to Purple Dress to visit Vladimars with the intention of learning magic. Vladimars offered to teach magic, but asked Lyrith to destroy a temple to the south, and placed an explosive spell on Lyrith's left hand. Several months later, Lyrith's hand began glowing and soon after it exploded, and Lyrith was left with just one hand until he completed his work on a magical replacement.

After this, Vladimars wrote a letter in which he expressed disappointment in Lyrith, but offered him another chance to learn magic if he would make another visit to Vladimars' castle. This letter was intercepted on arrival in Wayland, and Lyrith was given a forged letter asking him to create a distraction at midnight. Lyrith declined this request.

Vladimars attended Wayland's first anniversary celebration. He was invited by Malaka, despite the intentions of Wayland's council to purposefully not invite him. During this festival, he took Conchiana aside and left the festival with her for several days, ostensibly warning her about Blue Charleston and the plots of rebels within Golden Rose.