Viceroy Gregor (also known as Gregor the Fat) serves as the Viceroy of Wayland on behalf of Queen Conchiana of Golden Rose.

Description Edit

Gregor is known to be exceedingly fat, and is usually seen traveling by horseback. He is reputed to be brutish but mild-mannered.

Background Edit

Gregor is noble human from one of the poor districts of Golden Rose. He worked in the meat-trading business prior to being appointed as Viceroy of Wayland.

History Edit

On Sarenith 30th, 1 KE, the party went to visit Queen Conchiana to discuss Purple Dress and Vladimars. During this visit, Conchiana informed us that she would be appointing Gregor the Fat as viceroy of Wayland. She told us that he was brutish but mild-mannered and "seems to be a fair sort to rule over you". She told us that he was to watch over us and make sure that we do not do anything that would be terrible for her. She stated he would only granted authority over us if she ordered it. On Erastus 1st, 1 KE he and a few men rode into town. They set up a tent, and Levy invited Gregor to join her for dinner. Gregor and his men feasted primarily on chicken wings, and ate enough food in total to cost approximately 4,000 gold pieces, or 1 BP.