Tolernt City was a city in the Everwinter. It was inhabited by goblins and hobgoblins until it was destroyed on 22 Arodus, 2 KE.

History Edit

Tolernt City had trade agreements with the dwarves in Rockstern Palace. The goods exchanged were mostly food. The city had snowy and underground farms for growing food. They also ate humans and other races, as well as taking them as slaves.

As retribution for attacking The Exiled when they first arrived, the forces of Wayland attacked on the 22 of Arodus, 2 KE.

Upon arrival, the goblins sent out two paladins from the Holy Church of Abirthir to parley with the armies of Wayland on behalf of the city.

After Artemis Soulsworn demanded the liberation of all prisoners and slaves in the city, the goblins sent out roughly 5,000 people they had kept as slaves, leaving them with no protective clothing to survive in the cold.

Wayland's forces destroyed the goblin armies in the field, then attacked the city itself. The goblin spellcasters attempted to summon a demon to fight Wayland, but this ended up backfiring as the demon turned on them. Almolester came out of the goblin keep to warn us of the situation. The demon horde was then defeated by Wayland's forces.

During the battle, Axel charged through multiple armies to reach the keep, knocking everyone in his way unconscious. Despite numerous attacks against him, Axel reached the keep unscathed. He had intended to defeat the demonic incursion himself, but arrived too late.

The city was razed by Wayland's forces after they sacked it. The remains of the city were scavenged for supplies to continue the construction of Wayland. Axel stayed for three days to purge the demonic taint and exterminate any lingering tainted goblins.

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