"The Wizard," as he was known, was one of the two brothers who originally created the Portal. He outlived his brother and created a palace on top of a mountain in the Everwinter. When a group from Wayland visited him, he gave them a prophecy. When the group left, he also gave them The Book of Many Names, The Book of Occult Mysteries, and The Book of Heroic Deeds.


I had a dream that a group of 500 men and women would travel to this world. Unkown to me in the time. Many stuck themselves up from the crowd. They forged a nice living quarters. As time progresses, the portal will be greater studied by the emperor. He will study it and unleash armies in this world in an attempt to overtake its residents. Children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren will lead armies against them. A great man (not seen now) will lead them. He will be the last man to die before the portal opens completely, and his son will lead the armies against the portal armies. A man who has no face but bears fate greater than we can understand is the father. There is a man among us who will kill several of his greatest friends, as well as his greatest enemies. He bore nothing when he was born and he will bear everything when he dies. His greatest future wil be his greatest downfall, and he will end with everything he ever dreamed for.

In the near future, two swords will cross: one golden, the other stained red. They are not the ones we think they are.

It is thought that one of the people of prophecy is Mo Wang. It is likely that the swords crossing refers to the war between Golden Rose and the country of dragon people.

Death Edit

The Wizard was killed on Lamashan 14th, 2 KE, following the attack on his castle by Ronan's forces.

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