The Lady of the Lake is a mermaid who was located in a shrine in the southeast hex adjacent to Wayland. Similar to Arthurian legend, she claimed to have given a sword to a man who went off to rule a kingdom. Her present location is unknown.

History Edit

The party discovered her while exploring the territory around Wayland. She was summoned by Levy Highmore Soulsworn, using a method that has been shared only with Artemis Soulsworn, Alvir Sevardsson, Magnus Godrikson, Ovrul Griv, Lo Wang, and Grimdyllyn Stonerain.

When we spoke with her, she explained that she could not leave the shrine's circle of protection from evil, but she could give us items to aid us in our quests. Alvir Sevardsson asked her for armor, and she granted him a suit of full plate armor. Magnus Godriksson asked her for something to keep his horses safe, or make them swifter, and she enchanted them with full plate armor which could not be removed, and some manner of enchantment that made them move faster, and makes it possible for them to shrink down to a hand-held size. Lo Wang asked her for something that would give him a legacy, and she gave him Mo Wang.

The Lady of the Lake continued to grant requests of heroic people. Members of Wayland's ruling council would frequently visit her, and when Rayne Soulsworn was born, her parents took her to the Lady of the Lake to be blessed.

On the 15th of Lamashan, 2 KE, the Lady of the Lake was mortally wounded by Ronan and appeared to have died. When she passed, the world got darker, confirming that she was one of those referred to as "Harbingers" by the elves. Ovrul Griv determined that the Lady of the Lake was not dead, but actually had been somehow captured.