The Exiled is a group of about 500 people who were banished to another plane by the evil ruler Msimangu.

Leadership Edit

On day three, the vanguard warriors of The Exiled discussed the need for leadership. They selected Sir Artemis of the Lion's Blades, and his wife Lady Levy of the Highmore family. On day four, Levy announced this decision to the remaining exiles and was met with applause.

Demographics Edit

The group consists primarily of enemies of Msimangu and/or his allies in the nobility, along with enough criminals, heretics, and vagrants to tarnish the reputation of the group as a whole. The group consists of primarily young and middle-aged adults, with more males than females, and is predominantly human although there is a great degree of racial variety.

At present, only 118 exiles are accounted for, dead or alive. The remaining exiles are believed to have been scattered throughout the freezing alpine tundra around the Portal, and may have moved on or died already.

Of the initial group of 114 survivors, 12 are known to have died. One additional exile been found alive, and two more have been found dead. At present, 103 exiles are known to have survived including 80 unnamed exiles, and 23 named exiles.

Of the named survivors, there are 21 males and 2 females. There are two aasimar, one svirfneblin, two dwarves, two elves, one half-orc, one halfling, two half-elves, and the twelve remaining survivors are human, or have an unspecified race which is presumably human.

Dead exiles Edit

At least 15 exiles are known to have died, including:

  • An unidentified half-orc, killed by the Portal Goblins
  • One human who got drunk and fell off of unfinished construction in Wayland
  • One dwarf who got run over by a horse in Wayland
  • Jebediah, died of hypothermia, was possessed and then put down by the party
  • One unidentified human who was found frozen in the alpine tundra around the portal
  • Seven guards killed by Delvin Egmeyer
  • Delvin Egmeyer, killed by the party
  • Delvin's two lackeys (three additional lackeys killed - uncertain origin), killed by the party

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