The Exile was the first mass deportation of prisoners and enemies of Msimangu and of the various nobles allied with him. Approximately 500 people were exiled through a Portal that no one had ever returned from. Those sent through the portal were given just a day or two to prepare, but they were allowed to take weapons, armor, carts, and other supplies. The Exiled took advantage of this decision and brought roughly 50,000 gp worth of supplies in the form of livestock and pack animals, carts and wagons, lumber, stone and nails, tools, weapons and survival gear, and barrels of food and water.

Most of those who were exiled expected that the portal would leave them stranded on another plane, and they soon found they were correct. The plane at the portal's destination was named New Golarion.

The Scattering Edit

Upon being sent through, The Exiled were immediately scattered in small groups across a 30 mile radius of freezing alpine tundra in the middle of a snowstorm. The central group was immediately attacked by the Portal Goblins. Only 114 of the survivors were able to regroup initially. There were countless casualties in the ensuing fight including the death of one of The Exiled, and another (Magnus Godrikson) who was mortally wounded but ultimately stabilized and revived. The goblins were killed immediately, except for one who was taken prisoner and later executed. Of the initial supplies, only about 7,000 gp were recovered by the central group. The group left the area, taking supplies from the nearby Portal Castle, and headed west to the green land described by Bruno.

Meanwhile, a separate group of exiles ended up traveling north and forming the kingdom of Thusfar. The remaining exiles were left behind and their fate is unknown.

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