Stultus is a village of idiots located in the swamp hex at II55.

Description Edit

The village is surrounded by a wooden palisade with a single gate. There is also a tavern, town hall, library, and mayor's office. Furthermore, there is a well in the town, and despite being surrounded by zombie-infested swampland, the well water is uncontaminated.

The tavern is fair-sized, compared to the rest of the town, and has firelight shining from inside.

Population Edit

Stultus has a population between 61-200 people. Natives of Stultus are severely inbred due to generations of being separated from the outside world.

Economy Edit

Due to the zombie hordes surrounding it, Stultus has been isolated from the outside world, so it has had to be self-sufficient. It has recently gained trade access to Wayland, allowing it to import a variety of foodstuffs and raw materials and export finished goods.

Military Edit

Stultus has a small group of gate guards, likely less than four guards in total.

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