Serras is an Aasimar cleric who formerly served as the Councilor of Wayland. Among the citizens of Wayland, he was well-liked and had a reputation of actually listening to their problems. Among the party, his reckless use of channeled negative energy drew considerable anger and frustration.

History Edit

Following the death of Blue Charleston during a convoluted scheme to appear to assassinate Conchiana, Serras was charged with multiple offenses for his involvement in the planning and execution of the mission.

Serras elected to waive his right to a jury trial, and took a plea deal prior to being tried for his crimes. He plead guilty to 4 counts of second-degree murder, 1 count of attempted murder in the first degree, 1 count of conspiracy to commit murder, and 1 count of treason. He was sentenced to life in prison with a chance of parole in 10 years, and agreed to voluntary resignation.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Serras was played by Billy Gramling.