Seron is an elven cavalier who is native to Golden Rose. She worships the seven "virtues," although she does not follow these principles very well. Her horse is named Heartwind.

Description Edit

Seron is an elf with long, golden hair and green eyes. She has a voluptuous figure, and her beauty was great enough for her to be a finalist in Wayland's first beauty pageant. Her everyday clothing is mostly green, covered by her steel breastplate.

Background Edit

Seron was raised on the plains of Golden Rose by her nomadic parents. They named her after the "virtue" of Lust. Her father was a swordsman, while her mother was a sorcerer. She learned both of their specialties, but ended up dedicating herself to the sword and horse, letting her magic potential go untapped. Seron left home after she kept feeling pressure from her father to conform to the "virtues."

History Edit

Seron ventured out with parties of other adventurers to retrieve a statue of misfortune from the Temple of Misfortune, during which she fell unconscious after a lightning trap was triggered by Feldspar .

She also was on the expedition to the Zombie Lands.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Seron is played by Stephen Cahill.