We announced our leadership decision from the night before, relocated camp near a lake, and explored the nearby terrain. The drow prisoners remained unconscious.

Leadership Announcement Edit

The night passed without incident. By dawn, the party decided to inform the rest of the exiles about their discussion the night before in order to give Levy and Artemis more legitimacy. When everyone had woken up for breakfast, Levy climbed on top of one of the wagons in order to address the crowd on the group's decision and was met with great applause. At this time, it was found that Delvin and his two henchmen had left the camp at some point during the night.

Relocation Edit

Shortly after breakfast, the Frolicking Daisies and The Heroes of the Six went out to explore the surrounding grassland. The Heroes of the Six explored around the campsite and returned within an hour, after spotting the shore of a small lake just half a mile west of the camp. The group decided to pack up and move to the lake, resettling to an area about one hundred yards from the shore. The Heroes of the Six concluded their exploration for the day and helped move the camp and get everyone resettled.

Exploration Edit

Meanwhile, the Frolicking Daisies spent the day exploring the grassland to the northeast, and spent the following day exploring the grassland to the north of the camp, where they found a human fortress. They returned at the end of day six to discover the camp had been moved. Trail signs had been left to indicate where the camp was now located.

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