Our group was gathered in front of the Portal on our home plane. There were about 500 of us, clustered into a large circle drawn on the ground. It was daytime and some men in robes were chanting while guards surrounded us. Msimangu came to give us a quick speech, claiming that we would be welcomed with open arms if we returned. We were forced through the portal afterward.

Once the portal opened up on us, we immediately felt like we were falling. We were disoriented and very uncomfortable during the process. We all woke up lying in the snow. We were initially scattered and couldn't see each other due to the heavy snowfall.

We fought off an immediate attack by goblins and hobgoblins, and then regrouped. A nameless orc spellcaster died (Billy G.), and Magnus was mortally wounded by a goblin dog, but was stabilized in time and survived. We were only able to find 114 out of about 500 original exiles. We recovered 7 BP worth of our supplies and met Bruno. Bruno told us about a castle (the Portal Castle) and guided us there. After Bruno told us that the heavy snow we experienced on arrival was actually summer, and after seeing the mysteriously dead bodies in the castle, we decided to leave by sunrise. We immediately took the weapons stocked in the castle (in 'excellent' condition) and distributed them to the civilians. We spent the rest of the evening loading 10 BP of supplies on our wagons, and ate dinner from the castle food stocks after verifying their safety. We kept teams of 10 people on watch at all times, and we slept there through the night without incident.

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