This was day twenty-eight of our exile. Construction in Wayland continued for the twentieth day.

Visit to Golden Rose Edit

Lyrith, AlvirGrimdyllyn, Lo Wang, and Levy went to Golden Rose to discuss Purple Dress and Vladimars with Queen Conchiana. Her councilor warned us that "he is very good at abusing trust, as it were". They hadn't heard of the temple to the south that Vladimars wanted Lyrith to destroy, but they suspected he was leading us into a trap.

We were told that Gregor the Fat would be coming to Wayland to serve as viceroy. We also spoke with Jerry Redcap. Magnus arrived in town to buy some shovels, and met up with the group as the conversation was drawing to an end.

Before we returned to Wayland, Alvir purchased a serrated shield from Uncle Lucien's Weapon & Armor Extravaganza, and Magnus purchased 100 shovels.

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