This was day twenty-six of our exile. Construction in Wayland continued for the eighteenth day.

Arrival in Wayland Edit

The party continued on their journey back to Wayland. Surprisingly, the trip remained uneventful for everyone, even Serras, who rode through the badlands on his own, about 2-3 hours ahead of the caravan. The caravan hustled a little bit to catch up with him, but it wasn't enough to reach him before arriving in Wayland. Serras arrived in town by the late afternoon, and the party arrived about 1-2 hours later.

After arrival the party had a brief discussion of their plans and of the situation before departing to follow Delvin's tracks.

Justice for Artemis Edit

By dusk, the party reached Delvin and his lackeys. The fight was brief but intense, with Delvin using some magical means to fling his enemies away from him with every blow from his axe.

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