This was day twenty-four of our exile. Construction in Wayland continued for the sixteenth day. Joy Bailey continued on his journey to the Portal Castle, Anfri continued praying, and Artemis remained severely injured.

Tundra Discoveries Edit

Around noon as we had begun to had back to the castle, our party noticed the smell of cooking meat. We explored and found a cave entrance. Inside, we found Tim. When we found him, he was trying to warm himself by an illusory fire, and told us that his friend Jim had run off in chase of an illusory cooked turkey. We couldn't find Jim, and when we returned, we found that Tim had fallen unconscious due to hypothermia. We warmed him up and brought him back to the castle.

We continued on the way back to the castle. On the way, we found one dead survivor who appeared to have died of hypothermia.

Castle Guard Edit

Serras, Yvandir, and Ovrul had an uneventful morning of waiting for the rest of the party to return. Ovrul continued working on a ballista with the assistance of several of the members of the caravan.

By noon, Joy Bailey arrived at the castle to inform the party that Artemis had been attacked. Serras rode off immediately on the horse he had taken with him, the horse which belonged to Joy Bailey. After a few hours of waiting and packing up supplies, the rest of the party returned to the castle by mid-afternoon. By this time, Ovrul and his helpers had completed the ballista and mounted it on Magnus' wagon. The party departed immediately on a trip back to Wayland.

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