This was day twenty-one of our exile. Construction in Wayland continued for the thirteenth day. Artemis stayed behind to run Wayland, while Anfri stayed behind to catch up on prayer.

Wolfscout Squad Edit

In the morning, the scout team packed up camp and continued on their journey, riding through the alpine tundra towards the Portal Castle. As it was snowing around mid-day, Ovrul, Lo WangGrimdyllyn, Yvandir, and Frilhorn encountered a pack of wolves. After a difficult fight, they managed to slay the wolves, and they collected their pelts. They continued journeying for the remainder of the day, and made camp in the tundra as the sun began to set.

Wagon Caravan Edit

The wagon caravan followed the tracks of the Wolfscout squad. Levy, Alvir, Magnus, Lyrith, Walter and Serras stayed with the wagons to keep them safe, but the trip was uneventful. At sunset, the caravan made camp in the tundra about four hours west of the Wolfscout Squad's camp.

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