This was day seventeen of our exile. Construction in Wayland continued for the ninth day.

Exploration - Lakeshrine Edit

Anfri and Serras spent another day in town, while Levy, Alvir, Yvandir, Frilhorn, Magnus, and Lo Wang went out exploring again.

This time, the group spent the day exploring the plains hex directly southeast of Wayland (DD60). While adventuring through it, the party was attacked by unknown assailants who left poisoned darts in their necks. They didn't feel the darts go in, and only noticed them later when Alvir and Magnus suffered hallucinogenic effects which they described as seeing bright, flashing lights. The assailants were not identified. After further exploration, the group found a mural beside a lake, with a circle of protection from evil on the ground (Lakeshrine). The mural depicted a man holding a sword over a fountain.

As the party was looking at the fountain, The Lady of the Lake emerged from the mural. She stayed within the area of what the group identified as a circle of protection from evil, and told us that she could not leave it. She appeared to be a mermaid, which were generally friendly according to what Magnus had heard when he stayed in Golden Rose. When we spoke with her, she told us she could give us items to aid us in our quests. Alvir asked her for armor and Magnus asked her for something to keep his horses safe, or make them swifter, while Lo Wang asked her for something that would give him a legacy. We set up camp at Lakeshrine and slept the night in the circle of protection from evil.

Kingdom Duties Edit

By the end of the day, Magister Lyrith and Grand Diplomat Walter Craven finished their kingdom duties for the month. Meanwhile, Royal Enforcer Ovrul Griv and Spymaster Grimdyllyn Stonerain finished their fifth day of kingdom duties.

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