This was day ten of our exile.

Construction Edit

Construction in Wayland continued for the second day, with the foundations for the first buildings being dug out.

The Return from Purple Dress Edit

After having spent the night in Purple Dress, Lyrith, Walter Craven and Makala started on their journey back to Wayland. When Lyrith arrived, Levy chewed him out for having gone to Purple Dress without letting her know. Lyrith insisted that he had mentioned it to her the day before and had gotten her approval, but Levy said that no such conversation had occurred, and that Lyrith had left without talking to her about it. When discussion turned to what Lyrith had discussed with Vladimars, Lyrith mentioned the request to blow up a temple in exchange for being offered the opportunity to learn magic. After a lengthy and heated discussion that Lyrith did not back down from, and after having interrupted her several times, Levy told Lyrith that she didn't trust him and he would not be allowed to leave Wayland on his own.

The Return from the Coast Edit

Shortly after sunrise, Ovrul Griv and Grimdyllyn Stonerain continued on their expedition and reached the coast at the point where the Southwest River flowed into the ocean. Shortly after breakfast, they began riding on their trip back to Wayland to report their findings.

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