This was day eight of our exile.

Negotiations Edit

The delegation woke up in the morning and Levy's presence was requested again.

Conchiana offered to supply us with resources to help us build our settlement, but required that we would be a vassal state of her kingdom if we accepted. Levy said she would need to consult her councilors, and Conchiana asked about who Levy's councilors were. Levy provided the names and roles of our officials, but specifically avoided mentioning Serras and Grimdyllyn Stonerain.

Conchiana allowed Levy to return to camp to make the decision, but sent her brother with Levy to ensure against betrayal, and required that one of Levy's party would also have to stay behind under guard.

Levy selected Magnus to stay behind, and Magnus agreed. At least one of the guards assigned to him was a blond male elf with no armor and a rapier.

The rest of the group returned to the camp and discussed Conchiana's offer. By nightfall, the decision was made to accept the offer.

The Expedition to the Coast Edit

While the rest of us had stayed the night in the castle, Ovrul Griv and Grimdyllyn Stonerain had returned to Wayland to sleep at camp. As we were carrying out our negotiations, Ovrul and Grimdolyn embarked on an expedition to follow the Longstaff River down to the coast.

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