Santarus Ursodan is one of the Dire Wolves working for Ovrul Griv.

Description Edit

Santarus is a fair-skinned 6'3" man with blue eyes, brown hair, and beard. He wears ornate splint mail with some red motifs as a reminder of his clans' colors. He usually wields a greataxe and carries a steel shield, a lance, and a greatclub on his back.

Personality Edit

He is a loyal and courageous man who has sworn his life to Ovrul Griv as his honor guard.

History Edit

Santarus was drafted, trained as a soldier, and ultimately exiled for standing alongside Kento in defending his home town from destruction. He worked as a city guard in Wayland until Ovrul Griv offered him a job as one of the Wolves. He later gained a seat on the Wayland council as Waylands Warden and has made steps to create a secure prison that will confidently contain the most dangerous prisoners.

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