Sanji Parotay is an adventurer seeking a princess from his kingdom who was taken by a white dragon.

Description Edit

Sanji has blond hair, wears blue clothes and a breastplate, and wields a shortsword. When we first him and his friends Yvandir saw him sitting on a giant dead scorpion.

He is accompanied by his three friends, Roy, Jean, and Biv.

History Edit

Sanji told us he had been searching for the princess for 7 or maybe 8 years. When asked how he knew she was still alive, Sanji exclaimed "Because I am the hero!"

At some point during his adventure, Sanji had been killed and then revived. The king of his kingdom told him that he had three chances left.

Most of the kingdom leaders of Wayland met Sanji in the Everwinter on the way back from Rockstern Palace on Kuthona 3rd, 1 KE. We traveled with him towards Wayland in a long, awkward walk until he told us a little more about his current quest. He told us the dragon lives in the mountains near a dwarven settlement, and that we would not be able to slay it since we were not 'the hero.' He told us that if we ever ran into the dragon, we should summon him, and he gave us a golden Hero's Coin. The coin summons whoever last spilled blood on it, and keeps them for a number of rounds equal to twice the level of the person who flipped the coin times two. Such coins are one-time use and prevent teleportation effects while summoned.

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