The saints are a group of seven evil demigods who each represent one of the seven deadly sins (or 'virtues' as the elves of the Sindoms would call them). They possess the bodies of mortals and are nearly immortal since saints can only truly be killed by other saints. Our attempts to kill them so far have succeeded in removing them from an area for a time, but truly killing them has yet to be demonstrated.

After Lily Overbark was murdered to summon Greed, Greed was willing to discuss the nature of the saints in exchange for getting a free tavern in Wayland.

Possession Edit

Greed told us that certain people match their criteria for possession. For example, a greedy person would be a prime target for possession by Greed. The saints can either destroy the souls of the bodies they inhabit, or coexist with them. Greed told us he destroyed the soul of the body he inhabited.

Greed added that he could quickly pop between bodies, but that he must be be quick. If he's out for too long, he gets sucked back to the Cage.

The Cage Edit

The Cage is a place between the two worlds connected by the Portal. According to Greed, he and the other saints were trapped in it for so long that he can't remember how or why he ended up in the cage. Greed told us that when saints die, they go back to the Cage if they can't find another body to possess very quickly. The Cage used to be heavily guarded, but no one has checked on the saints in millennia.

The Cage was apparently damaged during The Exile, allowing the saints to escape. Greed stated that a bunch of people came through the portal and knocked some of the bars loose. When he spoke with us, Greed believed that Gluttony was still stuck in the Cage, along with Sloth.

The Book of Occult Mysteries suggests that the only way to truly kill a saint is to summon an angel to kill it.

Blue Gavel Edit

Some time after Greed arrived, we began to hear rumors that Blue Gavel was trying to collect all the saints in order to be granted one wish. Later, blue gavel sent a force of men to physically take Greed back to their country. Greed declined to go along with them, and their men were quickly dealt with. At present, Blue Gavel is believed to have collected five of the seven saints, missing only Greed and Envy who are both located in Wayland.

Other Sindoms Edit

The other Sindoms regard the saints highly. Jerry Redcap told us that the saints were gods, and that we should treat them as such, even if they come into Wayland and start eating our children.

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