This is a palace in the Everwinter which is inhabited by dwarves.

Description Edit

The entrance to Rockstern Palace looks like a giant dwarven head sticking out of the mountain. The outer entrance is generally guarded by two dwarven guards with glaives with two more dwarves just around the corner of the inner entrance, and another two on the opposite side of the entry room. Torches of continual flame light the entrance of the palace.

Just beyond the inner entrance, a large cavern is visible with three pathways that lead to different parts of the city. Two pools of lava glow visibly down in the center of the cavern.

Population Edit

Rockstern Palace is a small town with a population of about 1,600, and it seems to consist almost entirely of dwarves, including some children. The dwarves did take in a few humans from the exile but hobgoblins showed up later and demanded that they be handed over since they were "lawbreakers."

Economy Edit

Traditionally, the inhabitants of Rockstern Palace imported foodstuffs from the goblins and hobgoblins of Tolernt City, and presumably exported dwarvencraft weapons, armor, and goods to them. The dwarves also hunt underground rats and drakes.

It is unknown how Wayland's razing of Tolernt City has impacted the dwarven city.

Religion Edit

The dwarves of Rockstern Palace predominantly worship Armok, the blood god. Due to this, they revel in fighting and abhor pacifism.

History Edit

When the leaders of Wayland visited on Kuthona 1st, 1 KE, the dwarves were in the middle of a succession crisis. The leaders of Wayland started a bar fight which resulted in several deaths. The dwarves did not seem upset about this.

On Arodus 22nd, 2 KE, Wayland's armies razed Tolernt City, believed to be the largest trade partner of the dwarves.

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Wayland scouts reported that the surface entrance to Rockstern Palace had collapsed and dead guards were seen outside the entry. Ovrul's cloak confirmed that Rockstern Palace was under attack by Ronan's forces.

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