Qadir Moonheart is an elven druid who was among the initial group of 500 people to exiled through the Portal by Msimangu.

Description Edit

He has black hair, brown eyes, and is usually accompanied by his tiger companion. He stands at 5'10" and appears to be extremely well-built, with bulging biceps, calves, and thighs. Despite his stout and muscular frame, he moves with respectable agility. He wears hide armor and a simple bronze headband decorated with a pattern of intricate druidic symbols. He wields a scimitar for hand-to-hand combat.

Background Edit

His sister was polymorphed into a tiger and mindwiped. Qadir has been searching for a way to restore his sister, to no avail. She accompanied him during his exile. He and his sister have been living alone since they were exiled.

History Edit

Qadir met Marshal Yvandir during a plague zombie outbreak near Wayland. He accompanied Yvandir, Levy, Alvir, Nendir, Lo Wang, and Arazmes in pursuit of the source of the plague zombies, and ended up delving into a cave with them. When an assassin tried to murder the group by pouring barrels of oil into the cave, igniting it, and somehow collapsing the cave entrance, Qadir protected himself with a spell to create an air bubble around his head. Qadir was the only person in the party who could freely talk and breathe, so he used his voice to guide the party through the smoke back towards the cave entrance where Magister Nendir was able to teleport the party back to safety.

After leaving the cave, as the party returned to Wayland, they introduced themselves to Qadir. He was previously unaware that the party he had been exploring with was in fact a large portion of the leadership of the kingdom he was traveling through.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Qadir is played by Isaac.