Ozreal is a vengeance devil who is chained between two large, stone pillars in the Everwinter. He was chained there by The Wizard, who could defeat Ozreal but not banish him. The Wizard lost his sight during this confrontation. 

When Axel discovered that the leaders of Wayland knew where Ozreal was, he suggested that they leave him alone, or that they face him and defeat him completely.

Description Edit

Ozreal has eyes like embers and a sneer full of needle-thin teeth which gleam from an unmistakably fiendish visage. A pair of crimson wings sprout from the back of his hairless humanoid form, fluttering silently even in a sitting position.

History Edit

When the leaders of Wayland stumbled upon his tomb/temple on Neth 30th, 1 KE, Ozreal was chained to two giant stone pillars, taller than anything else for miles around.

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Yvandir Vythari had a vision of Ozreal free, and a white werewolf guarding his tomb/temple.

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