Ovrul Griv ('the Eyegouger') is a dwarf inquisitor who was among the initial group of 500 people to exiled through the Portal by Msimangu. Standing at an incredible 4'8''ft and weighing in at 185lbs with brown hair and blue eyes.

He is adept with almost any ranged weapon but he favors his crossbow Hunteye.

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According to Ovrul Griv, a group of corrupt nobles had him exiled simply for doing his job.

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In the goblin ambush on day one, Ovrul used his crossbow to shoot a goblin directly in the eye, felling it in one blow. At the end of the battle, he found Magnus lying wounded in the snow and revived him. In the fight against earth elementals on day three, when the party was retreating to find an alternate pass through the badlands, Ovrul fired a shot out of spite and managed to land a killing blow on a small earth elemental.

He takes no shit from anyone.

With some funding from the party and Magnus Godrikson, Ovrul created the Wolves and built Castle Den in the north east of Wayland's historic district. The Wolves have since grown many times their original size and with additional funding from Magnus, they now have members patrolling across the kingdom of Wayland.

Is in ownership of both of the Alpha and Omega Cloaks of the wolves.

Has some kind of business relationship with Greed. And every weekend he has the chance to he plays chess with Greed.

Married to Grimdyllyn Stonerain and is expecting a child.

Survived an assassination from a member of Blue Hawk and since then has grown increasingly obsessed with securing Castle Den. Over the course of a year, and with Magnus' help he was able to turn it into a bastion of saftey where the rulers of Wayland can have their war meetings.

Created the Stonemasons of Wayland which is part of the conglomerate of Wayland Industries. (And is currently growing at a great rate)

Fought in the battle of Tolernt City against he Demon Horde.

Fought in the Ancient Drow ruin of Elysium.

Ovrul fireplace

Ovrul sitting in front of a fireplace in Castle Den.

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Ovrul is played by Aaron Holt.