New Golarion is the name of the plane which Wayland and Thusfar are located on. The founders of both of these kingdoms were exiled from Golarion. New Golarion can be reached from Golarion by way of the Portal.

History Edit

On arrival in new Golarion on Sarenith 3rd, 0 KE, the Exiled found that the stars of the new world did not correspond with the stars they were familiar with. Nonetheless, they were able to commune with their deities and draw divine power from across the planes.

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Ronan severed the link between New Golarion and the outer planes. This resulted in divine spellcasters feeling a sense of loss of connection with their gods. In addition, Ronan made it so that all spells to commune with or consult gods would instead be redirected to him.

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