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Nendir Mithmiras is an elvish wizard who immigrated to Wayland from Golden Rose.
Nendir Mithmiras

Description Edit

Nendir is a tall, skinny, pale elf. He is often seen wearing the same blue outfit with intricate red trim and a pointed blue hat. He always has a belt on him with all the materials he needs for his spells and is often seen cradling one of his rugged spellbooks he keeps on his person at all times. He is also seen with his Rhamphorhynchus familiar, Javert. He is the owner of The Magic Touch and Mithmiras Academy.

Personality Edit

Nendir fights the constant urge to make sarcastic comments and jokes to those who are less knowledgeable as he is. He exhibits a peculiar interest to any inanimate object that talks. He often enjoys playing devil's advocate and proving people wrong as long as it doesn't harm his reputation or prestige for his slighly inflated ego.

Background Edit

Growing up in Golden Rose, Nendir was often ostracized for criticizing the nation's religion which often got him in trouble. His unwillingness to conform due to intellectual reasoning ultimately halted the promising young wizard's movement to the upper echelons of elven society, much to the frustration of Nendir. His calculating reasoning is what attracted his familiar, Javert. He has a poor relationship with Golden Rose's Magister, Jerry Redcap, whose parting words were, "Why don't you just get the fuck out of town and live with those Wayland rejects instead of spreading your heretical bullshit here?" Nendir hopes to someday put Jerry in his place for rejecting his talent and is trying to accumulate power in Wayland to do so.

History Edit

Nendir spent time in Wayland offering assistance to the scouting parties who were in dire need of local specialists and looking for ways to get on the good side of the local kingdom officials. He eventually heard of a large scale operation to get rid of the local pugwampi problem from Lyrith and Walter after spending time exchanging notes on magic they've acquired over the years.

After the successful operation, Nendir quickly volunteered for the dangerous mission to explore the caverns underneath Wayland once he heard the Royal Enforcer, Ovrul, and the town's Councilor, Serras, were going to be accompanying the group. He hoped this would give him the chance he needed to make something of himself in the quickly sprouting kingdom.

With the loot discovered from the expedition and the reputation gained, Nendir set up shop in Wayland as the new Magister in order to replace Lyrith.

His skill in magic quickly lead to him being a popular client for the party members in the kingdom. His talents reached the ears of the loyalty and he was quickly involved in a plot to change the alignment of Conchiana with a manufactured cursed item that ultimately failed to hit the intended target.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Nendir is played by Wilk/Zoltor26.