• The Portal Goblins seem to be able to see through the snow to pinpoint survivors and coordinate their attacks. (DM has stated that they have levels in unspecified classes which allow them to double their visual range in heavy snow. We do not know this in-character.)
  • The locals of this world speak common.
  • Bruno was able to contact and meet up with Davick at least 12 miles ahead of our group on only one day's notice.
  • Many of the inhabitants of the abandoned winter castle died at the same time. What was the cause of this outbreak of death?
  • Bruno warned us of a werewolf in the winter lands. Who is this werewolf?
  • The ruler of Purple Dress requested that Lyrith destroy a certain temple to gain his favor. What is significant about this temple, and what dangers does it hold?
  • We encountered a man named Tim in a cave in the winter lands. He said that his friend Jim had been lured out by a dancing turkey. We followed Jim's tracks into the snow. They disappeared suddenly, and we were unable to determine what befell of poor Jim. No magic was detected in the area. The same cave had an illusory fire inside of it, though neither of the two men seemed to be spellcasters.
  • The seven Sindoms surrounding The Council each embrace one of the seven deadly sins. What does The Council embrace?
  • Malaka invited Vladimars to Wayland's first anniversary, but she also went with Lyrith on the expedition to Thusfar, and was on the expedition when Vladimars was invited. How and when exactly did she invite Vladimars?
  • Ronan has demonstrated powers far beyond those of even an epic level spellcaster. How did he get these powers, and how can they be interfered with?

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