Malaka is the bisexual hermaphrodite drow-born tiefling gunslinger squire of Lyrith. She's one of the original 500 exiles who founded Wayland.

Description Edit

Malaka resembles most tieflings, except that she has pointed ears. She appears to be female.

Background Edit

Malaka was born in a small drow kingdom. Her true heritage was realized when she was still a child, yet she was nonetheless banished and left to fend for herself. She eventually made it to a human town and initially survived by stealing unguarded food.

Throughout her formative years, Malaka increasingly used theft as a primary means of both survival and acquisition of wealth. She eventually stole a gun from a weapons store and used it to intimidate her way through life, stealing less and using her gun to get what she needed.

She eventually met one of her childhood friends who was surprised to see Malaka still alive. Malaka was enraged and killed her friend, immediately regretting that she had killed an old friend. She turned herself in and confessed to murder for which she was exiled the Portal.

She met Lyrith soon after being sent through the portal, and they shared their stories with one another, soon becoming friends. Before Lyrith died, Malaka spent most of her time hanging out with him.

History Edit

Malaka invited Vladimars to attend Wayland's first anniversary celebration. She invited him despite the intentions of Wayland's council to purposefully not invite him. During this festival, he took Conchiana aside and left the festival with her for several days, ostensibly warning her about Blue Charleston and the plots of rebels within Golden Rose.