The Longstaff River is a river which flows from the Council Lake at hexes BB56 and AA57 then joins around New Wayland Island at CC57 and DD56 before flowing southwest out to the ocean at FF46.

The western branch of the river from BB56 passes by Purple Dress and extends about 72 miles before reaching the ocean. The eastern branch from AA57 takes about 103 miles to reach the ocean, and passes through Wayland. At DD54, the river passes within six miles of Hardholm.

The river's rapids are as little as 50 ft. wide, while the slower sections of the river are up to 500 ft. wide. The river is generally about 20 ft. deep at the bottom. Most sections of the river flow at a pace of two miles per hour.

The river is home to a variety of wildlife, including piranhas.

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