Lily Overbark was a halfling alchemist who was murdered by Lady Treethorne, for the purpose of summoning Greed. She was known to have been one of the better alchemists in Wayland, specializing in converting the types of poisons (from contact to inhaled, etc.)

Murder Edit

On Arodus 14th, 1 KE, Treethorne rushed to Alvir and told him he had found a body. The rulers of Wayland went to investigate. They found her body was left lying in a street. Her neck had been slashed with a dagger and appeared to have marks suggesting strangulation. Her heart had been cut out, and she had been surrounded with a pentagram. Based on alchemical analysis, she appeared to have consumed King's Sleep.

While investigating Lili's shop, Alvir encountered Lady Treethorne trying to destroy evidence and arrested her. Meanwhile, Ovrul, Magnus, and Levy talked Greed into explaining how he had appeared, and he implicated Treethorne. Treethorne and Lady Treethorne were convicted of Lili's murder and executed.