Lance Noshwickingten III is a travelling minstrel who was among the original group of The Exiled. He wandered off from Wayland as it began to develop international relations, but he has since returned. He calls himself a King Minstrel and seeks a noble title.

Description Edit

Lance is known for being humble and fairly nice to people.

History Edit

Lance was convicted of several murder attempts on different nobles who he claims were "sleeping with his wives." Following his conviction, he was exiled through the Portal.

On the 27th of Rova, the Wayland council received a letter from Lance requesting that he be granted a title of nobility. On the 4th of Lamashan, 2 KE, Lance came to press the Wayland council for an answer.

Lance walked into the council singing horribly and playing a lute, and announced himself by saying, "I have come to beseech your request for nobility."

Lance proposed that he could travel to other kingdoms and invite people to come to Wayland. The council rejected him politely at first, with Artemis saying that we were not sure we would want the people that he would send to us. Nonetheless, Lance insisted that we should give him a title of nobility because our paths were "in twain." Alvir was upset by this, and walked up to Lance saying "Do you know what 'in twain' in means? Here, let me show you, hold out your lute." Upon chopping Lance's lute in half, Alvir explained "There, that's 'in twain'!" Lance was shown out of the council.

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