Johnson Fizzletwister Nicklebacker was the mayor of the idiot village in II55. He is also known as John Seena.

Description Edit

Johnson is a short gnomish fellow with a white mustache and hair. His long mustache flexes a bit.

History Edit

We met Johnson in the idiot village while trying to identify the cause of the zombie hordes in the area.

Johnson explained that the region around the village of idiots likely included zombies of everyone who died in the are in the last hundred to thousand years or so. He told us that the region itself made people zombies, though he was not sure why that was. He did explain that the zombies seemed to stay in the region because they were attracted by the people living in the village.

After explaining the situation to us, we asked Johnson for a map of the region. Johnson was unwilling to do so unless someone else agreed to be mayor of the town. Hix agreed to become the mayor, and Johnson excitedly gave us a map and left the town. Before we left, he explained that he didn't want to be the mayor anymore because he was constantly needed to solve problems in the town, and the town would have difficulty surviving without him.