John Carter is a shop owner and leatherworker who makes weapon grips and sells them to the smithies in Wayland. He owns a shop in the smithy district and makes a comfortable living.

Description Edit

John appears to be a brown-haired man with a chiseled chin and stubble all over his face.

History Edit

John Carter was exiled from Golarion and sent to New Golarion through the Portal for having murdered his wife and two kids. He has not committed any crimes in Wayland according to city records.

On Arodus 22nd, 2 KE, a number of people began to go missing in Wayland. Kingdom leaders used dowsing syrup to track them down and this led them to John Carter's shop. Following the syrup led into the basement of his shop, past an illusory wall, and into a room where a number of human corpses were found hanging from the ceiling. Vampires and ghouls had taken up residence in this area. After a brief fight in which Nendir became dominated and tried to kill everyone, the vampires turned into mist and disappeared. John Carter was not charged with any involvement in the matter.

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