Jerry Redcap is the Magister of Golden Rose.

Description Edit

Jerry is a minuscule old man with snarled teeth, metal boots, and mage robes, with a pointy red cap. He is very rude, short, and always grumpy. He speaks in a high-pitched voice. His office is a room filled with books, papers, beakers, guns, and roses.

He is capable of casting teleport. This was confirmed by Nendir casting detect magic on him after he suddenly appeared at Nendir's door.

History Edit

Initial meeting Edit

On Sarenith 30th, 1 KE some of the party members went to Golden Rose and spoke with him. He accused us of killing the 'Saints', saying,

"You guys were the ones that have been fucking with the creatures that have been coming out of the portal."

After asking which creatures he was referring to, he clarified, adding,

"Along with you coming out the portal, the seven saints followed after. And then we hear about you guys running around killing all the saints. You've killed Wrath (Delvin) and you've killed Envy (Jebediah), and there's reports you've killed Pride (the Pugwampi Gnoll) as well."

When we considered the powerful enemies we had previously defeated, we realized we may have killed some of these 'saints'. Levy pointed out that we were defending ourselves. Jerry took that as an admission of guilt and exclaimed,

"So you guys have been the ones killing them, you admit it!"

Lyrith asked how we could even know who the saints were. Jerry replied,

"I don't know who they are. You could be one of them for all I know."

Jerry finally wrapped up the conversation, even going as far as to tell us that we could not defend ourselves,

"I don't care if they come into your village and eat your children, these guys are gods, treat them as such."

The Council Attack Edit

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Jerry teleported to Nendir's home in Wayland and informed him that some of The Council leaders had become corrupted and had killed seven other council leaders. He added that the bridge to the Council had been destroyed and that the waters of the Council Lake were extremely dangerous. He told Nendir, and later the Wayland Council, that Queen Conchiana was calling in her favor, and asking us to go and help the Council.