Jebediah was an older human who we met when we returned to the Portal Castle.

Description Edit

Jebediah was a portly elderly man with a wintery beard. He was armed with a sap which he carried in a sack. He wore glasses and black, baggy pants.

After defeating him, we found severe frostburn marks all over his body, suggesting he had died of natural causes first and his body had been possessed by a ghost later.

Background Edit

He claimed to have been one of the original exiles. He stated he had never seen a Svirfneblin. He claimed to have wandered through the snow to the castle, and to have surveyed the area immediately around the castle and not met any other survivors, though he said he found a few bodies. When he spoke with Ovrul in the catacombs, he said "You're one of those elves, or no, one those gnomes, right?"

Jebediah claims to be a tailor, glassmaker, and cook. The party considered his soup delicious. He did not show up on a Detect Chaos spell cast by Ovrul Griv when they first met. Ovrul's hunch was that he was a pretty decent guy generally, but seemed to be hiding something.

Magnus recalled seeing him standing next to two girls, blond-headed, wearing pink dresses (Jebediah claims he made the dresses). Jebediah claimed they were not his daughters, but that he raised them. He claimed he did not actually know about the cold weather on the other side of the portal.

History Edit

On Sarenith 24th, 1 KE, Grimdyllyn Stonerain found Jebediah sitting in a chair eating soup in the Portal Castle throne room when the group arrived to recover the leftover BP.

After most of the party went off to explore, Jebediah came to Ovrul and told him that he and two other men had been attacked while exploring the Portal Castle catacombs. When Ovrul, Serras, and Yvandir went to the catacombs with him, he tried to swing at Ovrul with a sap. Serras moved first and swung at him, but missed. Ovrul and Yvandir reacted swiftly and stepped back and shot Jebediah before he could hit. Ovrul then shot Jebediah in the eye, and the bolt poked out through the back of his head, yet Jebediah continued fighting. Serras sliced off the front of Jebediah's belly, yet Jebediah continued fighting. Yvandir hacked into his neck and the fight continued. Ovrul shot one his legs off, and he continued fighting. Yvandir finally ended him by chopping his head off.

As he died, his spirit rose out of corpse and said "Ah, not again!!!" Blood spewed out of the body at this point as though the spirit had been keeping it trapped inside.

His body was burned to prevent it from being possessed again.