HH54 is a hex south of Wayland.

Exploration party Edit

A party consisting of Troilus, Hix, Seron, Feldspar, Yvandir, Huzen, and Taubern explored the region on contract with the Pathinder Society and the government of Wayland. The party spent one day exploring the hex.

Description Edit

The ground in the region is muddy and appears to have been trampled by bison. The grass was completely dead when we explored it. For all intents and purposes, the region was effectively a plains.

Encounter Edit

As the party was exploring the region, we spotted people in golden armor riding on horseback. We recognized them as a rag-tag mercenary/marauder group which had fought countless battles in the marsh south of Wayland.

The leader was a black-haired, shirtless man. He introduced himself as Sir Jacob. His horse looked like it had seen better days: it's back leg was completely charred, and it's mouth "looked shorter than it should be".

The group rode up to us and we parleyed with them:

Jacob: "Howdy, nice to see other fellas around these parts" Troilus: "Hey there guys, we're exploring for the Barony of Wayland up in the north." Jacob: "You kind of remind me of a fellow I've heard about, what was his name, Alvir?" Troilus: "Yeah, I was his squire, actually." Jacob: "You've come down here to pick a fight I suppose?" Troilus: "No, we didn't come to fight." Jacob: "So, you've come down to explore our fine establishment?" Troilus: "Yeah, we're trying to learn more about this region." Jacob: "We're the barons of these lands, if you will." Troilus: "Do you raise cattle down here?" Jacob: "Whatever we can get our hands on really." Troilus: "What else is around here?" Jacob: "There's a ship a couple days travel to the West. There's tribe of people down south, the Serrod (sic).

Note that Jacob was trying to refer to the Serrotee but was bad at pronunciation.

Jacob (leader): "You can call me Sir Jacob. Added the sir on myself." Jacob: "This is citizen Carlos. We call 'em citizens, cause we can."

Jacob also warned us to watch out for sink pits in the region. In the afternoon, we found an old burned-out campsite and heard chomping sounds in a tent. Huzen opened the tent door and a green zombie charged out and attacked him. We dropped it easily, and we found another body in the tent when we searched it. We slept in this area for one night before moving on to II55.

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