Greed is one of the 'saints'. He has taken up residence in Wayland and owns a bar. 


Greed is the embodiment of the vice of greed. As such, he desires all things in the world. However, he values hard work as well, as is evidenced by his notion to refuse the ruling position of Blue Gavel. He is extremely competitive, even entering Wayland's first beauty contest, despite not being a woman. He won second place.


Greed was summoned in a ritual which involved the death of Lily Overbark. He convinced the ruling council of Wayland to allow him to open a bar, persuading Ovrul to build it at his own expense in exchange for information about the saints. Greed has since increased his influence in Wayland and made more connections. At one point, he went on a five-month expedition.

One day, Blue Gavel sent out an expedition to seize Greed and bring him back to their kingdom. Greed, Wayland's rulers, and the citizens of Wayland resisted, with Troilus rallying the common citizens. Lyrith attempted to pay Greed to resist Blue Gavel's forces.

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