Gilbert is a small Grippli thief and rogue. He was encountered by the party while he was looting The Council.

History Edit

While the party was exploring The Council, searching for council members, Yvandir Vythari noticed Gilbert in one room. He was moving about stealthily, and when Gilbert tried to move past him, Yvandir grabbed him. To the rest of the party, Gilbert appeared to be some sort of stone which Yvandir had picked up.

Gilbert proved to be a reluctant witness even once the party could recognize him, introducing himself as "Lionhearted von Froggington III." He stopped resisting once Levy Highmore Soulsworn proved that she could read his mind, and he told the party that he was there to loot the place, and that he had found a spellbook and some copper pieces. The party took the spellbook, and Levy let him off with a warning that he was in a dangerous place, yet encouraged him to look them up if he were ever in need of work. She later found 2,000 gp in her sack that he placed on her after this.

Capabilities Edit

Gilbert is extremely capable in the ways of stealth and sleight of hand, being able to act almost unnoticed in these ways. He was able to cross the entire bridge from Guard to The Council without being spotted, and felt confident enough to engage or evade Ronan-influenced beings.

He also has the capability of changing gold pieces into an equal value of copper pieces.

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