Geoff Princeton is an elven farmer from Golden Rose who moved to Wayland.

Description Edit

Geoff is known as a hard-working man who respects everyone who carries more than their own weight.

History Edit

Geoff is known for having worked three of his laborers to death while managing a farm in Golden Rose. He claims that the laborers said they could handle it. Despite this, he was regarded as the best farmer in Golden Rose.

Geoff was sent from Golden Rose to Wayland for "no particular reason." He presently lives in one of the outer hexes of Wayland and owns both of the biggest farms in the kingdom.

On the 27th of Rova, 2 KE, the council received a letter from him requesting that he be granted a title of nobility. He later came to the council in person to press for an answer. The council considered his request and has yet to yield a decision.

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