Freya Schwertleite is a human smith who lives in Wayland .

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Physical Description Edit

The girl has tan-skin, white hair, and amber eyes; the left eye is covered with an eye patch. When not wearing her armor she wears a short purple tank-top over her chest, a purple sleeve extends over her left arm, while a large black tattoo covers the other. A tie with a golden cross is attached to the collar of her tank-top, her stomach is left exposed, her skirt is white with black ruffles and two belts with golden crosses criss-crossing over it. A piece of white metallic armor hangs at her left leg, she caries bag on her lower back, and she carries two large white and gold duel blades in her hands.

Background Edit

Freya used to live with her parents and brother before her brother left home when she was 3. While her brother was gone, her parents died when she was 4 years old leaving her a poor orphan on the streets. It is said while she was living on the streets, there was a strange boy that helped her by stealing food and clothes, as well as beating down any bullies that tried to harm her. It is unknown how this lead to her harnessing her rage into power for her battles.

Personality Edit

Outside of battle, Freya displays a calm and quiet attitude around her comrades and friends. However, when she is faced against a necromancer in battle, her anger and thirst for revenge overcomes her sense of thinking and reason. Freya is not big on talking or socializing despite being decent at it, and thus making it difficult for her to find friends. The few friends she does have remark about her social awkwardness and saying that she should get out of her home to socialize more. The few times she has left the house, her friends had noticed she had taken a liking to sports and other outdoor activities. A rumor flies about that she actively hunts down Necromancers due to her parents being killed by one, seeking to put an end to the life of her family's murderer, and the potential murders of other people's families.


Freya went on the expedition to destroy Tolernt Castle, as well as the military campaign that destroyed Tolernt City. During her time in Wayland, she has taken up blacksmithing. She has developed a deep friendship with Seron. She is currently serving as the Royal Enforcer of Wayland.