Feldspar is a half elf rogue who hails from Blue Gavel.

Background Edit

Growing up in the streets of Blue Gavel, Feldspar is a worshiper of greed. Unfortunately for some "disagreements" on the ownership of some loose assets, he was forced to flee before he could be caught and judged. He chose to go to Wayland because of the kingdom's booming prosperity in order to make enough money to buy his way back home.

Combat Role Edit

Feldspar is a highly agile combatant who excels at getting in enemy's faces and inflicting debilitating injuries to his foes while providing opportunities to his allies.

Personality Edit

Feldspar is a greedy bastard who will do anything for material wealth. He also is not a huge fan on authority figures or turtles. In a word, Feldspar is best described as "shifty."

Recent History Edit

Traps Score: 0

Feldspar Score: 2

Behind the Scenes Edit

Feldspar is played by Wilk, also known as Zoltor.