Farwatch Keep is a small castle built in DD62. It is managed by Wayland's Marshal, Yvandir Vythari, and staffed by Wolves.

Description Edit

The castle is surrounded by a 20-foot-wide and 15-foot-deep moat. Beyond the moat, the castle has stone walls which are five feet thick and twenty feet tall. They're built in the shape of an isotoxal star, with towers on each of the outer corners, and one central tower atop the keep. The walls are crenelated and have jagged fragments of glass embedded on the upper edge so that anyone climbing over the wall must drag themselves over the glass. A light cover of dust is maintained on the walkway of the wall. One of the wall protrusions extends directly east. Meanwhile, a single gatehouse and drawbridge on the western side provide the castle's sole land connection to the rest of the kingdom.

The castle has comfortable furnished lodgings to house 100 people, plus three private rooms. For rest and relaxation, there is also a bath, sauna, common room, game room, and garden. The castle has a water reservoir which is maintained by the castle priest during dry periods.

The castle is regularly staffed by 25 elite guards and 25 elite archers, and intermittently hosts visiting teams of night wolves. An archery range and courtyard provide areas for the guards to practice during their spare time. A total of five armories are available for stocking their equipment when not in use.

A small civilian population primarily composed of the guards' families also resides at the castle and handles cooking, cleaning, gardening, and laundry.

History Edit

Work on Farwatch Keep started on Calistril 4th, 2 KE, with construction of the building materials for the keep. The materials were completed on Pharast 7th, 2 KE, and training of the troops and staff to be stationed in Farwatch began on the following day. The last staff member was hired on Gozran 13th, 2 KE.

After months of preparation, Magnus Godrikson built Farwatch Keep in eleven hours on Sarenith 2nd, 2 KE.

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Farwatch was attacked by various forms of wildlife from the surrounding badlands.

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