Elysium is a massive underground city in the drow badlands in hex II59. It lies in a large cavern, supported by a huge central pillar and many wires fixed to the cavern walls. Tunnels from GG59 lead down into the city.

Description Edit

Elysium appears golden, although close analysis of the material indicates it is not actually gold. The city's walls look like they were chiseled out by a master.

Extending from the caves is a large bridge, about 100 years old. It appears weak, but likely able to support 3-4 medium-sized creatures. It creaked, rocked, and made hissing noises as we walked over it.

In the middle room, four large golden-looking statues surround a central pedestal. A staircase in the middle leads up to the pedestal. It had a dusty, ragged manual which looked like it was about to fall apart. The place appeared to have been looted, with little of value remaining.

We also found what was effectively an elevator. It was a circular cage with two chains attached to its top. It was operated by pulling the chains by hand.

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