Edwin Greyscale was one of the first people to ever be sent through the portal for attempted assassination of Msimangu. He's known as a notorious bounty hunter and monster hunter.

Description Edit

Edwin is tall, thin, and very tan and muscular. He stands about 6'1" in height and his clothing appears old and tattered. Six flint lock pistols hang from belt loops on his pants by silver strings which keep the pistols just within reach of his hands. On his back is a very long curved sword.

He's generally very rude to most people but, he is known for being willing to do anything for a price. He takes most of his time hanging around message boards and Serras' box taking odd jobs involving small things around town.

History Edit

Following the death of Blue Charleston during a convoluted scheme to appear to assassinate Conchiana, Edwin was charged with multiple offenses for his involvement in the planning and execution of the mission.

Edwin took a plea deal prior to being tried for his crimes. He plead guilty to one count of manslaughter, one count of treason, and one count of conspiracy to commit first degree murder. He was sentenced to parole for five years, and his profession was restricted to weaponsmithing for the duration. After five years, he may choose to reclaim his assassin's gear, but if he does so, he will have to leave Wayland.