Edward Treebearington is a traveling merchant who sought to become a noble of Wayland.

Personality Edit

Edward is known for being 'rambunctious.' He is also openly and vehemently racist towards dwarves, and is known for being an activist for dwarf-hate. He refers to dwarves as 'sodders.'

History Edit

Edward receieved a decent amount of combat training prior to becoming a traveling merchant. Edward has been known for trading between Wayland and the elven kingdoms. His main business is in Wayland, but he takes a personal army of 50 men when traveling.

On the 27th of Rova, 2 KE, Edward sent a letter to the Wayland council requesting a title of nobility. On the 1st of Lamashan, 2 KE, he came to the council in person to press us for an answer. The Wayland council diplomatically rejected his request on the grounds that he had not done anything to prove himself, and due to concern about his stance towards dwarves.

Edward countered with an offer of 3-4 BP if the council would grant him a title of nobility, and the council rejected it. He gave Artemis a gift of exotic cologne and appeared to be disappointed but not upset with the decision.

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