Productivity Edit

Wayland adds +10 on all craft, profession and perform checks to earn money within the city.

Purchase costs Edit

Purchase costs are substantially lower in Wayland than in most other cities:

  • Food and livestock: Available at 25% off, and sometimes more (due to Wayland's abundant quality).
  • Mounts: Available at 5% off due to trade with the famed breeders of Hardholm.
  • Alchemical items: Available in limited quantity for 50% off at Godrikson Alchemy.
  • Rope and twine: Available in bulk for 50% off at Godrikson Alchemy.
  • Combat nets, fishing nets, and hammocks: Available in limited quantity for 50% off at Godrikson Alchemy.
  • Magical items: Frequently available on-demand at 50% off via Wayland's spellcasters, and according to availability when adventurers return with loot.
  • Rental items: At Godrikson Alchemy, masterwork tools are available for rent at 5 sp per week, and regular tools are available for 5 cp per week.
  • Waste disposal: Waste disposal is free in Wayland at each neighborhood's waste carts. Littering or dumping waste elsewhere is against the law.

Taxes Edit

Main article: Wayland tax code

Wayland has a flat income tax rate of 10% for income over 1,000 gp in a year. Property tax is 1 gp/year for every 100 sq. ft. of land owned within the the city walls of Wayland, and 0.1 gp/year for every 100 sq. ft. of land owned outside of the city walls.

Trade Edit

Wayland's primary trade partners are Hardholm, Golden Rose, and Crusader Town.

Imports Edit

Wayland primarily imports gems, ore, minerals, and valuable stone from Crusader Town. From Golden Rose, it mostly just imports maps, books, wood, and magic items. Imports from Hardholm consist primarily of livestock, hides, meat, and mounts.

Exports Edit

Wayland's primary exports are food and rope, both of which are exported in large amounts to Golden Rose and Camp Understone. Wayland also exports significant quantities of spices and smithed goods to all of its trade partners.